Student Profile

What do many students at Pacific Learning Center Northwest have in common?

There is no “average” Pacific Learning Center Northwest student since each student has specific strengths and weaknesses and unique experiences and needs. However, most PLCNW students share the following traits:

  •   Difficulties with transitions — moving from class-to-class or topic-to-topic.
  •   Sensitivity to stimulus (sounds, lights, images, etc.) that interferes with organization and focus.
  •   Issues with focus and concentration that impede assignment completion and turning in work on time.
  •   Low self-image based on prior academic failure or learning difficulties.
  •   An inability to cope with social interactions in large groups or fast-paced environments.
  •   A significant difference between academic skills or learning styles. For example, a student may have superior math skills and poor reading skills. Or a student may have excellent auditory processing skills and deficiencies in visual processing.

By design, Pacific Learning Center Northwest accepts students with enough similarities so that all students benefit from the environment. Students with learning disabilities, AD/HD, or high-functioning autism are with students with similar needs and do not feel out of place. Students attend classes tailored for their strengths and weaknesses so they can be challenged and not frustrated in each academic area. By using students’ strong points to address their areas of deficiency, academic progress and self-image are improved more efficiently and quickly. Each student is offered accommodations and individualized instruction that is designed to be flexible and change with time. When closely monitored, accommodations should change with the student’s skills and needs.

As part of our approach, we offer incremental transitions to all students. Because we use research-based techniques in a small and personalized environment, our students make substantial progress and become ready for more general-education style classes. We begin the transition in our own program: academic expectations and requirements increase slowly as students grow. The majority of our students are ready to began a step-by-step, class-by-class transition to public or private general education schools in their second year at Pacific Learning Center Northwest. More than half of the students served by PLCNW have transitioned to public school within two years of enrolling with us and more than half of our own high school graduates have gone on to college.

The best way to judge the appropriateness of PLC for your student is to visit and tour our classes. We encourage students to spend time with us and play a part in the placement decision. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet you and help you decide if PLC is right for your family, so schedule a visit today.

Pacific Learning Center NW is an Approved Private School by the Washington State Board of Education, is licensed as a NonPublic Agency by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commmission. Pacific Learning Center NW does not discriminate against students or adults because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or national or ethnic origin.