Wall of Fame

When a community believes together in the potential of every child to excel, remarkable things can happen. Read the stories of some of the students who we are most proud of.

  • Russell A. Colmore III

My name is Russell A. Colmore III. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 6when I was expelled out of the 1st grade and moved into special education. Throughout my elementary years, my mood swings were very intense, and at times violent. 6th grade was bad, I was hospitalized once, and it didn’t help. The 7th grade was better, I was still in spec ed but i was considered popular and liked which boosted my self esteem. 8th Grade I started off in Mukilteo but later moved to a boarding school in Frezno, California. There I was picked on and abused by the older kids daily, all because I was “emotionally immature.” I was there for 6 months and returned just in time to start high school, that did not go well, I was blowing out of classes, skipping school and generally not motivated, I had a poor home life and was ready to end it. That is when I was sent to a long term care facility in Spokane, Washington for 14 months. When I got back I wasn;t quite ready for public school, thus I found Pacific Learning Center Northwest. PLC gave me the confidence to find a greater purpose in life than just myself. Because of them I have gained the skills in responsibility and organization to have employment since age 16. Through there various staff, I felt very supported and knew that if I had a question on anything I could ask. They taught me the skills to maintain my anger and feel empathy for others. Through PLC I have become the man I am today. I am now working and plan to start college come winter quarter to start to get my AA and then hopefully transfer to a university to continue my education in Psychology.

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