Wall of Fame

When a community believes together in the potential of every child to excel, remarkable things can happen. Read the stories of some of the students who we are most proud of.

  • Mika Carpenter

My name is Mika Carpenter. I grew up being bullied for having ADHD. When I started 4th grade, the bullying got worse. Eventually I developed anger management issues. From there I only went downhill. In October of 2006 I was transferred from public school to a secondary school. In 8th grade I was put back in public school. Early that school year I was expelled from esd (Edmonds School District) and the esd scheduled me daily tutoring. After a while I stopped going. One day I lost control of my anger and hurt one of my family members. The same evening I admitted myself into anger management at childrens hospital. A week after being released I had another meltdown and the Officer who came to handle the disturbance gave me 2 options: 1. go to Deny youth center or 2. Go back to childrens hospital. 3 months had passed and I was transferred to a place called C.S.T.C. (Child Study and Treatment Center). 8 months later I was released for making improvement in my behavior. But it wasn’t until I met the staff at Pacific Learning Center North West, during my freshmen year of high school, that I made the most improvement. After my probation ran out, they helped me be able to control my anger, language, and most importantly, they got me interested in school. On June 18th 2011 I stopped taking my medication. Thanks to my teachers and friends, I made it through my senior year of high school without my pills. During my senior year, I didn’t get in a single fight, lose complete control of my anger, lost 100lbs, and I graduated. On my 19th Birthday (September 6th) I enlisted into the United States Army.

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