Pacific Learning Center NW
PLCNW was founded by a group of educators with experience and training in special and alternative education, social work, and psychology.  Our goal was and is to provide low sensory impact, consistency and predictability, and help exceptional students develop organizational, academic, social, and self-regulation skills.

About Us

PLCNW opened in 2004 with the direct intention of serving students struggling with the complexities of self-regulation, social integration, and/or academic frustration for whom a traditional comprehensive setting is not effective.  The decision to place students at PLCNW is made by the student's IEP team including parents, often the student, public school psychologists, and special education staff.

PLCNW does not recruit students from public schools and we firmly believe that students should be served in their home districts whenever possible.  Our goal is to help students return to public school in cooperation with the IEP team and the student himself or herself.  

Now in our 16th year year of operation, PLCNW has an established record of transitioning students to public school, Running Start, and Community College.

Our goal is to meet students where they are academically and socially, Our curriculum is highly individualized and our instruction is tied closely to the goals in a student's IEP.  Our classes are small and students are able to receive positive 1:1 attention as needed.

PLCNW is not a consequence-based program nor do we use rigid behavioral or levels-based methods.
As a non Public Agency, PLCNW serves students referred by school districts and privately placed students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade.  All PLCNW students must be eligible for special education -- meaning they have been evaluated by public school psychologist within three years.  PLCNW enrolls students on a first-come, first-served basis after consultation with parents, students, and staff.