Pacific Learning Center NW
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In late 2020 we were informed that our current building had been sold and was scheduled for demolition in July  of 2021.  After searching for real estate and researching the costs of moving and bringing a new building up to special use, health, and safety standards, we determined we would be unable to raise the necessary funds for such a project.

We've already made a move from Lynnwood to Shoreline in 2011 and are still being impacted by those expenses.

Obviously there is a feeling of sadness associated with this event.  Your student and you have been the reward that's of far greater consquence and value that minimizes the downside of financial struggles.  For all of us, any school is transitional: we move from elementary to middle to high school and so on.

The best news is that we are able to end on the high note of completing the school year. Students will move on to the next grade and high schoolers will stay current on credits.

If you have a student at Pacific Learning Center NW, you aleady know that we are working closely with you and other schools to arrange for enrollment in the fall.  Public school districts have been tremendously supportive in making transitions as smooth as possible.

Check back for updates and know that we will continue to stay in communication with all of you.